Inland Empire Tear-off

Micasa Roof Removal is a dependable and full-service Roof Removal Company located in Pomona, California. We service the Inland Empire, LA & Orange counties. We provide quality, on schedule tear-off services to Roofing Contractors. Our Company has an excellent history of delivering professional roof removal services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We will represent your company with professionalism, honesty, and respect for you and your customers. We promise to deliver excellent service, quality work, and great customer service.

Roof Removal

A complete tear-off can get messy. When it comes time to remove your roof, there is typically a ton of nails, a bunch of debris from the shingles - it's the biggest part of the job. To keep your yard clean, we put protective grounds down. We use tarps, plywood, we'll lean sheeting board on the house to cover over top of the bushes - we really just take the extra precautionary steps so that nothing gets damaged during the tear-off process.

Once you try Micasa Roof Removal Services once you will see how beneficial it is to have us on your team.


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